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Natural Birth Control

  • Jul172019

    Daysy Review: My Honest Experience Using Daysy as Birth Control

    I wanted to share my experience with the Daysy fertility monitor because I think my perspective could be helpful to…

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  • Jun182019

    10 Effective Methods of Natural Birth Control

    Any non-hormonal, non-intrusive forms of contraception are considered ‘natural birth control.’ A woman’s choice in birth control is an incredibly…

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  • Apr252019

    Safe Days After Periods? Avoid These Mistakes to Avoid Pregnancy

    The Fertility Awareness Method is the practice of observing one or more fertility signs everyday to determine if you are…

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  • Apr102019

    How to Prevent Pregnancy Naturally

    A woman’s choice in birth control is an incredibly personal decision, with lots of factors to consider. No one knows…

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