03 Fertility Signals

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Fertility Signals

The Sympto-Thermal Method is hormone-free, non-intrusive and has been found to be 99.4% effective with perfect use.

It is a natural form of birth control practiced by observing and charting two of our body’s fertility signs — basal body temperature and cervical fluid — everyday to determine which days will lead to pregnancy and which days will not.


What is cervical fluid? 

Cervical fluid is the white stuff many women notice on their underwear—and may not know what to make of it.

I remember when I was a teenager, sex ed didn’t teach us this and so when I didn’t have my period, I believed I had a white period during those other days. I didn’t know what it was, and honestly I just thought it was my vulva cleansing itself!

Cervical fluid is a fertility signal because without it, the vagina is a hostile environment to sperm and therefore you can’t conceive. 

The hormone estrogen helps produce this fluid in our cervix for these functions:

– It protects sperm from the vagina’s acidity.

– It provides a passage for sperm to swim up through the uterus and fallopian tube at ovulation.

It filters out abnormal sperm so you conceive with the strongest genes.

– It provides nourishment for sperm to live up to five days!

… Pretty amazing!


What is BBT (Basal Body Temperature)?

A BBT is our body’s temperature just upon waking, provided we’ve had at least 3 hours of sleep. This is taken every morning with a precise thermometer orally.

What’s cool is that this temperature fluctuates during the phases of our cycle –cooler before ovulation and warmer after ovulation – and can scientifically confirm ovulation has taken place. It’s this aspect that makes the Sympto-Thermal Method highly effective.

To chart your BBT, you’ll need a highly accurate digital thermometer.

Make sure it says “basal body” or “basal” thermometer and it takes it to a tenth of a degree; [35.4 not 35] You can find these inexpensive BBT thermometers at a local pharmacy or online. Personally, I now use, love and recommend a wearable thermometer which has been a game changer! If you like, you can find more information about tempdrop here.

>> Action Step: Purchase a basal body temperature thermometer.


Secondary fertility signs are meant to supplement a chart’s BBT and cervical fluid readings, essentially to add more evidence to changes throughout our cycle. 

– Some women notice tingles or a sensation around ovulation and like to record this as a secondary fertility sign. 

– Cervix position changes throughout our cycle according to estrogen levels.  During non-fertile times, the cervix is closed, firm and low. As ovulation approaches and fertility is high, the cervix opens up, becomes soft and high and is harder to reach. Some women like to record their cervix position as a secondary fertility sign. 

These are definitely optional and do not change the 99.4% effectiveness rate of the sympto-thermal method. It’s just something to be aware of in case you would like to track these on your chart.

Chart your cycle, prevent or postponing pregnancy and beyond ⭒

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