Tempdrop is a smart wearable sensor and accompanying charting app that helps women practice fertility awareness or increase chances to conceive. Because the Tempdrop sensor is worn on the upper arm during sleep, it takes all the complexity out of measuring an accurate BBT temperature reading first thing in the morning – this is a game changer! It comes with its own app that you can sync daily or every few days and the chart is detailed enough to be used to apply the sympto thermal rules. But you can also use it with any fertility awearness charting app, my favourite pair is Tempdrop + the Read Your Body app which I highly recommend.

Additional information

The biggest benefit with Tempdrop is that it makes practicing fertility awearness EASY; you’ll get an accurate BBT temperature reading even if you:

  • Forget to take your tempperature first thing in the morning
  • Wake up throughout the night to run to the toilet
  • Get up during the night to breastfeed
  • Have an irregular sleep cycle
  • Work night shifts
  • Wake up at different times in the morning without an alarm

Tempdrop will ensure you get an accurate reading dispite all of these factors!

You can use Tempdrop with its accompanying app, it syncs via bluetooth quickly and you have full control over chart your cycle according to your fertility method of choice. The tempdrop all also integrates with a couple of others that will push your latest temperatures to Read Your Body and Chert Neo; both avaliable on android and iOS. My favourite pair is Tempdrop + the Read Your Body app which I highly recommend.

Tempdrop takes many temperatures throughout the night and uses a smart algorithm to calculate the best, most accurate temp. It is NOT an average temperature and this is a common misconception.

Scientific Studies
There have not been any clinical studies of Tempdrop as a wearable thememoitor (as of yet).
However the most notable study of the Symtothermal method of fertility aweaeness by Frank-Herrman et al. Human Reproduction 2007; 22:1310-1319 concluded that “When women are given the opportunity to follow the method correctly, it is a highly effective form of contraception, on par with some forms of medical/hormonal birth control (<1% pregnancy rate per year with perfect use, 1-2% with actual use in the largest and best available prospective study.)

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