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My Journey

My journey into fertility awareness started in 2016 when I desperately wanted to have my contraceptive implant removed whilst living abroad. I thought it was the perfect fit as I travel often and wasn’t planning on having children any time soon.

Until I fell into depression. The sad bit was that now looking back, was that the depression was a slow decline that I almost didn’t even realise it was happening.

I know this is not an isolated occurrence with hormonal birth control. In fact, it’s probably more likely the norm than the exception.

I soon discovered I literally had no way of removing the contraceptive implant in Bali. No doctors or hospitals would remove it, not even an Australian gynecologist could do it as the tools just weren’t available in a hindu country. I wasn’t going back to Australia for another 2 months – I just had to wait it out.

So began the journey of deciding which method of contraceptive to choose next.
My #1 priority was personal wellbeing.

I could no longer sacrifice wellbeing in favour of pregnancy prevention – that would be my deal breaker. With the luxury of time on my side, each morning I’d wake up and spend a few hours reading and on youtube learning as much as I could about my birth control options and women’s experiences with them.

That’s when I discovered fertility awareness and how our female reproductive system actually works. I felt a mix of wonder and anger — Why we’re we not taught this at school? Why was this left out in sex ed? Who was deciding that this information not be shared? What is actually going on here?

After I learned this information, every female friend and acquaintance I saw, I felt it was duty to introduce the fertility awareness method to them and what I had been learning incase they weren’t aware (not that I did, but the compulsion was there!) … Like it was this massive secret that I’d just uncovered and I felt compelled to empower other women should they choose to implement this knowledge.

I believe that if women are searching for natural alternatives to contraceptive without all the side effects, they should be able to access the information easily and quickly wherever they are in the world.

I’m not an expert, or a guru, or doctor (and I don’t pretend to be) but I am a Women. This information is in my DNA and it’s in yours. And I hope to help you uncover it, whether you use it or not, it is our birthright to know the workings of our intelligent reproductive system and to be informed of our health choices.

So I’m choosing to be a contributor to the conversation (and hopefully play a part in taking these conversations out of the closet into mainstream awareness!)

And I’m welcoming other contributors too! Each of us have our own unique experiences and stories to share to educate and uplift one another.

I hope this blog helps you on your journey.

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