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Are you looking for a way to easily track your fertility and ovulation cycle? Introducing tempdrop, the easy way to track your fertility. In this blog post, we’ll break down all the benefits of tempdrop compared to a traditional bbt thermometer, how to use it, my 2 year tempdrop review and if I would recommend it. Let’s go!

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fertility awareness tempdrop review


What is Tempdrop?

Tempdrop is a smart wearable sensor and accompanying charting app that helps women practice fertility awareness or increase chances to conceive. Tempdrop provides the perfect solution, with its armband bbt thermometer that will track and observe subtle changes in your temperature to confirm ovulation has taken place, signifying the close of your fertile window.

Tempdrop makes it easy to practice fertility awareness, no matter what kind of sleep cycle you have. You can forget about having to take your temperature every morning first thing!

With Tempdrop you can still get accurate readings even if you:

  • Wake up throughout the night
  • Get up during the night to breastfeed
  • Have an irregular sleep cycle
  • Work night shifts
  • Wake up at different times in the morning without an alarm
  • Go to the toilet before remembering to take your temperature

How To Use Tempdrop

Using Tempdrop is simple and hassle-free. All you need to do is wear it as an armband while you sleep!

  • Put the armband on
  • Press the button, and tempdrop will flash green
  • That’s it – go to sleep
  • Take it off in the morning and sync it to the Tempdrop app

Because the Tempdrop sensor is worn on the upper arm during sleep, it takes all the complexity out of measuring an accurate BBT temperature reading first thing in the morning – this is a game changer! Tempdrop can be ordered online straight from their website with international shipping.

Tempdrop Apps

You can use Tempdrop with its accompanying app, it syncs via bluetooth quickly and you have full control over charting your cycle according to your fertility method of choice. Tempdrop also integrates with a couple of others that will push your latest temperatures to Read Your Body and Chert Neo; both available on android and iOS. My favorite pair is Tempdrop + the Read Your Body app which I highly recommend.

Tempdrop Review

I switched to tempdrop in 2021 and have been using it for about two years now — and I absolutely love it.

Unlike an oral bbt thermometer, it is so easy to use ! You have a small window of getting an accurate temperature reading with an oral bbt — first thing in the morning, as soon as you realize you’re awake — but with tempdrop you don’t even need to think about it, it’s got you!

I really appreciate that it uses a simple battery, and that it doesn’t need to be charged. This makes it incredibly convenient and low maintenance.

The only critique I have is I think the armband situation could be improved. My original white one turned to silver (despite washing it often). I’ve since made my own armband with some nice soft pink elastic. If you like sewing, you might like to make your own down the track or buy thoughtful handmade tempdrop armbands on Etsy.

Aside from the armband, the technology is fabulous! It’s one the most important things I own. That along with my menstrual cup. Giving up hormonal birth control and practicing the Sympto Thermal Method of fertility awareness has been one of the greatest decisions of my life. It has benefited all areas of my life including my health and wellbeing. Tempdrop has been a game changer in practicing FAM and I’m so thankful someone developed this tool!

Tempdrop vs BBT Thermometer

With a BBT thermometer:

BBT Thermometer

Every morning when you wake up, you measure your temperature under your tongue. This means before you do anything — laying around in bed, cuddling, scrolling through instagram, getting up to go to the toilet. Most themonitors have a memory, so later you can input the temperature reading manually into a paper chart or an app of your choice.

With Tempdrop:

Wear the tempdrop armband while you sleep. In the morning, just take it off and sync it to the Tempdrop app. You can then input the temperature in an app of your choice or use an app that already has a tempdrop integration. Tempdrop allows you to effortlessly record your BBT temperature to chart your cycle.

Tempdrop vs Daysy

With Daysy:

daysy fertility tracker

Daysy fertility tracker is a high tech BBT thermometer. Every morning when you wake up, you measure your temperature under your tongue. Later you can view your temperature reading by syncing daysy with the daysy view app.

Daysy also has a unique algorithm that learns and tracks your cycle. You can use daysy as your thermometer with a fertility awareness method, or you can let daysy do its thing; after learning your cycle, daysy will display your fertility in a color system [red = fertile, yellow = learning, green = infertile]. You can read about my Daysy review here.

The main difference between Daysy vs tempdrop is that with daysy no charting is necessary. And tempdrop is an easier tool to help you chart your cycle and interpret your chart according to your chosen fertility awareness method.



If you’re using a fertility awareness method, you must take your temperature every morning in order to be able to accurately determine your BBT temperature shift according to the rules and confirm ovulation. This can seem overwhelming in the beginning but becomes automatic in less time than you think. However, the temp drop wearable themonitor is a game changer compared to traditional oral BBT themonitors.

I hope this post was valuable in hearing about some of the benefits and my tempdrop review helps you in your fertility awareness journey.


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