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Daysy Review: My Honest Experience Using Daysy as Birth Control

Daysy Review: My Honest Experience Using Daysy as Birth Control
July 17, 2019 wonderfulwithin

I wanted to share my experience with the Daysy fertility monitor because I think my perspective could be helpful to other women. This isn’t sponsored (I saved up and purchased my own Daysy) and at the time I didn’t have this blog. But it was this journey that sparked my passion for fertility awareness and the knowledge of how our reproductive system actually works!..

My Daysy Review

I’ve been using Daysy consistently since september 2017. I love it and I tell all my friends (who will listen) about it!

For women who are concerned about the health, emotional, and environmental impacts of hormonal and other forms of birth control, the Daysy is a natural birth control method that is 99.3% effective right out of the box!

This has been my honest experience 💗

  • 20 months / cycles recorded
  • 0 pregnancies (not trying to conceive)
  • First 2 months of ‘learning’ my cycle
  • Green and red days on my 3rd cycle
  • Contacted support twice with questions about my cycle and their service was kind and impeccable



Where It All Began

I’m so grateful I stumbled upon this birth control option. It seemed to be an amazing solution to my hormonal-birth-control-depression / what-do-I-do-now crisis I was going through. 

Throwback to a journal entry I wrote about this time

“The sad bit was that now looking back, was that the depression was a slow decline that I almost didn’t even realise it was happening. I spoke to my partner about it one day – “I’ve never been this sad in my life – it must be the hormones” to which he replied “I’ve noticed it aswell but I didn’t want to say anything. You’re not my girlfriend right now. I am incredibly grateful for my wonderful life, and privilege of being Australian and living in this time in history which allows so many opportunities. But when I was crying and couldn’t get out of bed on holiday in Bali with no negative external circumstances to explain it, I knew things were bad.”

I know this is not an isolated occurrence with hormonal birth control. In fact, it’s probably more likely the norm than the exception. I made the decision that I could no longer sacrifice wellbeing in favour of pregnancy prevention – that would be my deal breaker.


What I Love About Daysy

No side-effects!
Giving up hormonal birth control has been one of the greatest decisions of my life. It has benefited all areas of my life: my health, my wellbeing, and my relationship,  because it allows for greater honest communication. 

The easy color system
To know instantly if I’m fertile or not and which days will lead to pregnancy, instantly without charting is incredibly convenient and beautifully simple.

Green = infertile
Yellow = possibly fertile / daysy is learning about you
Red = fertile / possibly fertile

Daisy is 99.3{675b55e8130b20edc83d7a7372c667e99085718bc85437794f846651e9dba022} accurate with perfect use. I think this is incredible.

I know more than a couple of my friends just use the withdrawal method, which in my opinion, is like a ticking time-bomb. It’s not an if, it’s a when.

I get to experience my cycle with all my natural hormones

It makes practicing natural birth control and fertility awareness EASY

It provides a real non-hormonal birth control option

As simple as the pill (take it everyday)

The design – it’s small and gorgeous

It’s quiet
The temperature taken alert is a vibration which doesn’t wake my partner/ Other bbt thermometers beep loudly

It will tell you early if you’re pregnant
This is helpful as its very common for women don’t realise they’re pregnant until weeks in.

Customer support and advice when you need it
I’ve contacted support twice and their service was kind and impeccable


When deciding if daysy is right for you:

As with all fertility awareness methods, there are a couple of considerations worth mentioning upfront:

1. Daysy will not prevent the spread of STDs.

2. There will be a few days throughout each cycle where you’ll be fertile and therefore, you might be able to conceive! This means that if you’re not looking to get pregnant, you might like to use a barrier method of conception like condoms, or *get creative* without P in the V sex during this time.

In order to have an accurate reading, you’ll need to take your temperature after you wake up, first thing in the morning, before you do anything else.

This includes rolling around for a cuddle, getting up to go to the toilet, or scrolling through your phone.

I hardly miss taking my temperature (which I would have thought would happen quite often) but for me, I’ve found it quite automatic to remember first thing. When I realise I’m awake and no longer sleeping, I automatically reach for the daysy on my night stand and pop it in my mouth while I’m half asleep. There are times when I will purposefully skip taking my temperature; if I’ve been sick, really hung over or if I’m travelling and I haven’t had 3 consecutive hours of sleep. On the odd occasion I have completely forgotten or have mistakenly left it another room, woops, but it’s very rare.

You’re ‘meant’ to take your temperature at the same time every day, but this may not be necessary with Daysy.
Honestly, my wake up time varies from 6.30 – 10 most days and I’ve never had a problem with a weird reading or a pregnancy because of it. I think this is because the daysy is a highly sensitive and quality thermometer unlike a regular bbt thermometer. I find it more important to keep a similar temperature in my room throughout a cycle.

Syncing Daysy with the daysyview app requires wifi
I don’t understand this and it is a bit annoying since I travel frequently and sometimes I’m in remote location but it’s not usually a problem.

The chart on the daysyview app isn’t great
I think the apps chart is more for a visual representation of your cycle temperatures. This is understandable as the daysy device takes care of it all and you aren’t required to chart like a traditional method of fertility awareness. But the daysyview app’s chart isn’t detailed enough to be used to apply the sympto thermal rules. If you’re interested, you can always go more in depth by combining the daysy with a charting app like Kindara that has a beautiful interactive chart designed for the sympto thermal method and applying the rules.

The price is a one-off purchase for the device
There isn’t a monthly subscription (which I really like because a monthly cost definitely adds up!)

At the time the price was a lot of money for me. This didn’t mean I didn’t think it was worth the price, it was just that that was my financial situation at that time. So I saved up and purchased it. And it has been the best money I’ve ever spent 💝

It’s a pleasure to use and I get so so much value from it every-single-day because I’m no longer experiencing hormonal side effects and depression.

I’ve been using Daysy consistently since september 2017 and giving up hormonal birth control has been one of the greatest decisions of my life. It has benefited all areas of my life including my health and wellbeing. Daysy makes transitioning to natural birth control simple and effective.

I hope this Daysy review was helpful for you!

collage credit @islandstyle_designs

Comments (3)

  1. Jenny 1 year ago

    I love Daysy!! It has been a life changer for both my sister and me!! We both have used the Daysy with very different results. I am very regular and very cautious about using a barrier method on “red” days and have used Daysy successfully for two years to avoid conception. My sister’s experience was different but still shows how accurate Daysy can be at least sometimes. She was trying to avoid too but her hormones got the better of her and she decided to go “baby dancing” just once with her husband when her Daysy was flashing red. Daysy predicted the exactly right time, and just that once was all it took for her to become a mommy. I was spending the night with them at their house the night she had her oops. On an impulse earlier that day I decided to be nosy and check her Daysy. When I saw it was flashing red, I couldn’t resist the chance to put Daysy to the test. I decided to switch hers with mine (which was safely green), and I made sure to empty their box of condoms in the trash. We all had a lot to drink that night, and her husband insisted on having “green night” sex with her when he saw MY Daysy flashing green on her nightstand. She knew something was wrong with her Daysy but discovered the empty condom box only after a lot of foreplay, and her hormones got the better of her brain. Just like Daysy predicted, it was perfect timing for making a baby. They made a beautiful little girl that night. I was really impressed with Daysy’s accuracy!

  2. Kimmie 1 year ago

    Jenny’s story is a lot like mine. I also used Daysy to conceive and got pregnant on my very first try! My husband thought “we need to save more money first” and would never have p-in-v sex on my “red” days even with a condom. That seemed so unfair, so I decided to give him as a special treat some no condom sex when Daysy said I was ovulating. My girlfriend and I switched Daysys’s at the gym, I showed hubby her green light, and that was all it took to persuade him that we should skip the condom and fill me up with his little swimmers. We had sex four times that night and the next morning! Guys are so clueless, he kept saying how wet and responsive I was, and I just smiled and was happy inside that I could give him extra special sex without him having to worry about getting me pregnant.

  3. Wanda 1 year ago

    My daughter in law was using the Daysy to delay starting a family with my son. He confided in me that he was ready to be a dad, but she wanted to wait. I suggested to him that the next time her Daysy was blinking red that he should try using baby oil as lubricant with their latex condoms. Sure enough, the condom broke, but somehow he just didn’t notice until it was too late. Oops! Daysy made me a grandma!

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