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tempdrop discount code

Tempdrop Discount Code

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How Effective Is Tempdrop?

Tempdrop takes many temperatures throughout the night and uses a smart algorithm to calculate the best, most accurate nightly sleeping temperature. It is NOT an average temperature and this is a common misconception.

Tempdrop is a smart wearable themonitor and charting app and is most commonly used with a fertility awareness method.

The most notable study a fertility awareness method is of the Symptothermal method by Frank-Herrman et al. Human Reproduction 2007; 22:1310-1319 concluded that “When women are given the opportunity to follow the method correctly, it is a highly effective form of contraception, on par with some forms of medical/hormonal birth control (<1% pregnancy rate per year with perfect use, 1-2% with actual use in the largest and best available prospective study.)

Does TempDrop Predict Ovulation?

Tempdrop does not predict ovulation. It is a smart wearable sensor and accompanying charting app that helps women practice a fertility awareness method of their choice.  It takes all the complexity out of measuring an accurate BBT temperature reading which can be a limiting factor in using fam.

Is Tempdrop a Good BBT Thermometer Alternative?

Tempdrop replaces a traditional BBT thermometer that’s taken orally upon waking. Worn all night, tempdrop takes all the complexity out of getting an accurate reading throughout your cycle. It is especially suited to those who have irregular sleep cycles, post-partmen women and night-shift workers.


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